About the company.

How it started.

In 1935, Lloyd McArthur bought out Sioux City Sheet Metal and renamed the business to McArthur Sheet Metal.

Located at 418 Court Street in Sioux City, IA, McArthur Sheet Metal became known as a light gauge metal shop. Not just selling sheet metal, the shop started manufacturing sky-lights, gutters, and gutter flashing.

Where we are now.

In 2015, David McArthur, son of Terry McArthur, took over and expanded the family business. The start of the 6,000 square foot new building was taking place adjacent to the existing building.

Being completed in 2016, McArthur Sheet Metal purchased a Bystronic 3K Fiber Laser, Bystronic 10K Fiber ByStar Laser, 2018 Bystronic 248 Ton Press Break, deburring machine, and solid-works modeling.

With this expansion, McArthur Sheet Metal became a full service job shop, laser cutting, and forming material while still producing the same sheet metal products as when the business was started.

Along the way.

We've changed tremendously over the last 85+ years of service, and it has all been for the better.

  • 1936

    Harold McArthur, Lloyd’s nephew, became a partner to the company .

  • 1952

    With the business growing, Harold and his son, Terry, decided to build a new building in South Sioux City. This is the year McArthur Sheet Metal started working with light gauge stainless steel to make stainless ducts, chutes, and tables for the food industry.

  • 1973

    Lloyd McArthur retired from the business and Harold’s son, Terry McArthur, joined.

  • 1978

    McArthur Sheet Metal was forced to move to a new location in South Sioux City due to the new combination bridge being built. This is the current location of the business, 501 West 9th Street, South Sioux City, NE. This gave the business the opportunity to start working with heavier gauge metals. With the stainless steel food industry being a strong point, they started building tables, slide chutes, catwalks, and handrails.